Black Watch Folding Umbrella

Color:Black Watch
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British traditional black watch

A traditional British black watch with a fine twill structure that can only be produced by Koshu weaving, which is derived from the "silk weaving technique" called kaikinu. Please enjoy the luxurious touch and luster that is not a print.

Folding umbrella that feels like a long umbrella

Folding umbrellas that can be opened and closed like a long umbrella are called "telescopic", which is the mainstream of folding umbrellas in Europe.

If you look at it as a folding umbrella, it's a little big, but it's easy to use because you can open it like a long umbrella without popping open the bones, and fold it when you close it. The umbrella has a wide area, and although it is folded, it is a safe size that does not get wet in the rain, and of course, it has a very beautiful silhouette.

After use, we recommend that you dry it in the shade overnight before storing it.

umbrella repair certificate

[About umbrella repair ticket]

At ICHIHARA, we provide an "Umbrella Repair Ticket" so that you can use your selected umbrella comfortably for a long time while repairing it so that it can be your partner on rainy days as long as possible. (Customers who purchased umbrellas over 10,000 yen)

Usage STEP


Before sending the product for repair, please contact us by e-mail ( ).

①Name ②Phone number ③E-mail address ④"Details of repair" ⑤"Photo of repaired part"

Please do not forget to specify the above 5 points as mandatory items. Since there are many kinds of parts for umbrellas, it is an important step to check whether there are replacement parts and whether it can be repaired.


As soon as your umbrella arrives at our company, we will estimate the repair fee and contact you for confirmation.


If the repair requires a fee, you will be required to transfer the repair fee and the return shipping fee to us.


Repair progress


After the repair is completed, we will deliver the umbrella to your home.

【important point】

・The repair ticket will be a one-time free repair for one broken bone. (Equivalent to ¥3,000 for repairs, we can also handle other areas.)

・For repairs exceeding ¥3,000, ¥3,000 will be discounted from the repair price.

・Repairs are free of charge if the cost is less than ¥3,000

・The return shipping fee is ¥1,000. (Regardless of free repair or paid repair)

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Make a one-of-a-kind original umbrella with a nameplate for a gift for your loved ones or for yourself.


We offer gift cases, gift boxes, and gift cards as gifts for your loved ones.


A tassel that gives an elegant impression, and a wooden ball tassel for men. Enjoy your variations.

handle custom

Choose your favorite hand and express your personality freely. We will help you change your mood by changing the handle even after purchase.
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