Umbrellas are the perfect gift.

Umbrellas with a widening shape have long been popular as auspicious gifts because of their shape.
At the timing of opening up a new life, we highly recommend the gift of an umbrella, hoping that happiness will continue to spread out.

Don't struggle with size selection

Men's long umbrellas are 60-70cm, standard is 65cm. Women's long umbrellas are 47 cm to 60 cm, and standard umbrellas are 60 cm. A long umbrella for rain or shine is 50 cm. Umbrellas are generally made of bones of this size. You can choose according to your design preference, but folding umbrellas are the easiest size to choose. It is an important criterion when choosing a gift that you don't have to worry about the size of the person you are giving it to, just by choosing features such as automatic opening and closing, whether it is wind-resistant, or by simply choosing your favorite design.

If in doubt, basic colors

We would like you to enjoy the beautiful design of Koshu weave that is unique to Ramuda, but if you are not sure which one to choose, we recommend plain colors of the high-performance fabric Rectus series and chic designs of Koshu weave. Simple items such as stripes or woven patterns that look plain at first glance are recommended. If you get lost in the abundance of color variations, we recommend basic colors.

Compact and easy to send

But don't you think, "It's hard to bring a long umbrella and have someone take it home with you"? A folding umbrella is recommended. It's wrapped in a small box, so it's about the same as a small gift of sweets. The shipping fee is also safe if you send it to a distant place. For long umbrella gifts, we have prepared umbrella bags with red ribbons so that you can easily carry them around. Please contact us.

Carefully selected staff

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We have gift cases and gift boxes.

We will also prepare a Christmas box.

We also accept Noshi. (Limited to gift boxes.)

gift case
400 yen (excluding tax)

gift box
400 yen (excluding tax)

The essence of Ramuda, not just an umbrella

Of the seven certified traditional craftsmen, two belong to ICHIHARA, and we take pride in our experience and skills in making umbrellas, but Ramuda is more than just that.
Founded in 1946 as a belt shop, we have been involved in fashion accessories for a long time, from belts to suspenders and leather accessories. Recommended as a gift.

Ramuda's eco bag is made of Koshu weave, which is used for umbrellas, and is water repellent, so it can be used wet. The high-density woven fabric is made by a craftsman who is also in charge of sewing for global traditional apparel manufacturers, so it is a manly man who can handle a little heavy stuff. Small and easy to fold, Ramuda's eco bag is perfect as a gift.

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