About Ramuda

About Ramuda

Fashionability + skilled craftsmanship

Umbrellas made by skilled craftsmen and fashion-savvy staff.
Please look for your life partner as an umbrella for a lifetime.
Founded in 1946, we continue to stick to Made in Japan,
I have been serious about making things.
Please choose an umbrella that matches your lifestyle, created by the craftsmen who support Ramuda and the staff who have been particular about fashion.

Handles, fabrics, bones.
All of them are carefully selected, and each one has a different expression and a deep taste.
The hands are made of natural wood and are processed to take advantage of the characteristics of the material.
The fabric is especially Koshu weave. The water that springs out from Mt. Fuji is rich in minerals, which enhances the color development of colored threads, and because it contains almost no chlorine, it is suitable for reproducing subtle shades without color shift. Weaving has been nurtured.
Bones are selected for style, durability and function.
Please choose fashion umbrellas made from carefully selected materials.

45 years of making umbrellas

Ramuda umbrella craftsman

Ichihara Co., Ltd. has been making and selling umbrellas.

It started as a wholesale sale of fashion-oriented umbrellas to men's shops, based on traditional umbrellas, and unlike conventional umbrella stores, which use cotton material instead of polyester fabric.
After that, Ichihara's umbrella was established by making umbrellas using high-density fiber and super water-repellent "Rectus" developed by "Teijin".
Due to the recent aging of craftsmen, he started a workshop in the company in 2014, and continues to this day.
Ramuda umbrella manufacturing process 1

It is based on the cutting of two sheets.
Stripes and checks are cut off in order to pursue more precise pattern matching.

Ramuda umbrella manufacturing process 2

2 pieces, 4 pieces, 8 pieces and pieces are sewn together.
The thickness of the fabric and the difference in the material will cause the stitches to be sewn according to the feel of the fingertips.

Ramuda umbrella manufacturing process 3

Saddle stitching is done manually one by one.
We make many samples and make adjustments to make the wooden pattern so that there are no wrinkles or stains.

Ramuda umbrella manufacturing process 4

Ramuda's characteristic pattern matching and horizontal pattern matching such as checks.
In addition, the center of the piece has a beautiful shape that falls into the valley.